Key activities in Livingstone

Capacity building and mentorship

We’re working with SWASCO, to help build capacity to address the gap in service provision to low income areas, working through peer-to-peer mentorship with Lusaka Water and Sewerage company (LWSC) and adoption of best practices.

Improving access to water and supporting service sustainability

To help them address their challenges in low income areas, we’re supporting SWASCO look both at improved provision through improved construction techniques and infrastructure investment and supporting them to invest strategically and engage effectively with low-income residents.

Blog: June 2019 – A utility strengthening approach to tackling water scarcity

Key partners in Livingstone

Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWASCO), responsible for the provision of water and sewerage in the city

Livingstone City Council (LCC), responsible for spatial planning and developing within the city, also shareholder of SWSC

National Water Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO), responsible for regulation of water supply and sanitation services in Zambia.

Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, oversight of water and sanitation service provision, water resource management and environment.