Communal sanitation in Maputo, Mozambique

Our new toilet does not smell and is easy to clean, as well as safe.

Vovo Joana Pedro Ngoca in her house
Joana, who was able to invest in a new toilet thanks to a revolving fund set up with WSUP’s support.

Improving water supply by providing integrated support

We’ve worked closely with AdeM, FIPAG and CRA to build their capacity to provide a universal water supply. This includes helping AdeM improve services within low-income communities through the construction of 100km of networks. We’ve promoted 15,000 household connections that enable AdeM become more responsive to community feedback, as well as reduce losses caused by theft, leakage and inefficient billing and payment collections. We’ve also helped FIPAG and small-scale operators to provide better service through small piped systems.

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Improving sanitation across the city

We’ve supported city-wide institutions to develop a sanitation masterplan, with a focus on services for low-income residents. We’ve also assisted CMM to create a by-law that will bring in funding through a new sanitation tariff. This will mean significant new investment in services for low-income customers. We’ve also supported CMM in building nearly 600 shared sanitation facilities and have improved sanitation services for over 100,000 people. As these changes take effect we expect them to benefit around one million people currently without adequate sanitation.

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Ensuring safe sludge transport and disposal

We’re providing training, equipment and ongoing support to 10 private operators. We’re also building a transfer station that will allow for the cheaper transport of faecal sludge to Maputo’s main treatment works, where we are helping CMM return the facility to operational condition.

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Working with schools in Maputo

We’re helping to improve sanitation conditions in 11 schools and their surrounding communities. We’re also supporting the school boards to establish effective management of water and sanitation facilities and implement hygiene promotion campaigns. As we support CMM with a strategic WASH facilities plan for schools, we can use our model to reach all 100-plus of Maputo’s primary schools.

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With the support of WSUP, the Maputo City Council has strengthened its technical capacity and taken safe steps to improve sanitation services provided to communities. WSUP actively contributes to a vision of the future that considers the provision of adequate sanitation services to the entire population.

David Simango, Mayor of Maputo