Post-cyclone reconstruction

We are supporting the utility FIPAG, community groups and urban authorities to rebuild after the devastation of Cyclone Idai in March 2019.

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Destroyed property in Beira, Mozambique
Destroyed property in Beira, Mozambique

After signing the contract with WSUP, the way ADCS works has positively changed. The training we had helped us to better work and meet the needs of communities.

Fernando Manuel Tivane, Project CoordinatorADCS

Extending water access to low-income communities

We’re working with the city’s water supplier, FIPAG, to reduce water losses caused by theft and leakage, and to decrease losses due to inefficient billing and poor payment collections. The water savings and increased revenues will allow services to be extended to more low-income customers. Our role is to build FIPAG’s capacity to address the issues faced by low-income customers, through a stronger engagement with community-based organisations that operate in the low-income communities. We intend to build on this work by supporting the municipality in improving sanitation conditions in the city.

Promoting better sanitation and hygiene practices

We’re supporting community-based organisations in Beira to collect data and improve knowledge and awareness of the importance of good sanitation and hygiene practices. These organisations also promote the benefits of receiving water supply services from FIPAG, the city’s water supplier.

Improving sanitation services

We’re working with Beira City Council and the World Bank to develop and find funding for a city-wide sanitation service delivery programme. Sanitation conditions are particularly poor in the low-income communities and this is made worse by the city’s vulnerability to flooding and rising sea levels which may be linked to climate change.

I am very pleased to share with you some of the results that WSUP has brought to the water loss reduction project in Beira Operational Area, which consists essentially of identifying customers without meters, updating our commercial database (number of customers, their contact details, coordinates, and other relevant information), as well as in the identification of illegal connections in Beira.

This work allows FIPAG to carry out corrective actions, allowing an increase in sales volume and a healthy improvement in company finances.

Castigo Alvaro Cossa, DirectorFIPAG Beira

Key partners in Beira

Fundo de Investimento e Património de Abastecimento de Água (FIPAG),water supply asset owner and water utility for towns such as Beira

Conselho Municipal de Beira (CMB), Beira Municipal Council