Key activities in Toliara

Supporting community-operated water kiosks

We are helping to build the capacity of Toliara’s local authorities and communities, JIRAMA and the Commune’s office, so that they can access funds, install water kiosks and enable them to be managed in an effective manner. This enables low-income customers to buy safe and affordable water and also puts in place the financial mechanisms for the water user associations to manage the kiosks in a sustainable way and for the Commune to expand community infrastructure.

Improving water and sanitation in schools

We will work in the city’s schools, engaging and training the children to be agents of change in their own communities. We are supporting the Government to implement the WASH Friendly Schools approach, a national programme (that WSUP also helped to develop) which not only supports improved infrastructure, but also aims to institutionalise improved hygiene behaviours in students and staff and establish school level management structures for future operation and maintenance.

Key partners in Toliara

JIRAMA, the national water and electricity utility mandated to provide water and electricity throughout Madagascar.

The Mayor of the Commune of Toliara, responsible for developing a water, sanitation and hygiene strategy for the city and engaging with JIRAMA and other actors to fulfil it.

The Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, responsible for providing water and sanitation services.