Our efficient collaboration with WSUP, and the capacity-building received, has enabled us to improve the regulation and technical support provided to local authorities like the Urban Commune of Mahajanga.

Ranaivoson Tahirisoa, Director of Water, Sanitation and HygieneRegion of Boeny

Improving water management

We work with JIRAMA to help increase the volume of water available to the city. JIRAMA has built deep boreholes to extract water from underground sources in a controlled and environmentally sustainable way. We’re helping to connect these boreholes to the city network so that supply is sufficient at times of peak demand, and those in low-income areas can access safe water.

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Supporting community-operated water kiosks

We’ve helped build the capacity of Mahajanga’s local authorities and communities, JIRAMA and the mayor’s office, so that they can install water kiosks. This enables low-income customers to buy safe and affordable water. The local community has also established a water user association to manage the kiosks in a financially sustainable way.

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Improving water and sanitation in schools

We work in the city’s schools, engaging and training the children to be agents of change in their own communities. Building or restoring water and sanitation blocks is just the first step, by giving hygiene training to pupils and school management committees they can ensure the blocks are working and maintained in the long-term. We also work with local authorities to strengthen their capacity to implement policies and support change at a city-wide level.

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