Key activities in Malindi

Supporting creation of a low-income customer unit

WSUP is supporting the utility, MAWASCO, to establish a department to spearhead and manage service delivery to low-income areas. For this to be effectively achieved, we need to demonstrate the need and benefits of providing services to the bottom of pyramid customers to the Board of Directors and senior management. The project will then analyse how services could be delivered and recommend how the new department can address the challenges facing the town.

Building the capacity of MAWASCO

We are supporting the utility to better equip the department and other areas of the company with the right skills and expertise to serve low-income customers. This will involve development of policies, business plans and structures both at the utility and the County Government level. This work will be coupled with resource mobilisation to enable MAWASCO to implement its plans for improving water access.

Increasing demand for water services

We are supporting MAWASCO to better market its services to low-income communities so that more people can benefit from safe, affordable water. Policies to support this work will be developed, such as a Social Connection Policy that will make connections to the water network more affordable for the poorest residents.

Water network extensions

We will support MAWASCO to extend water networks into low-income communities using approaches that are affordable for residents – such as pre-paid dispensers, stand pipes, condominium sewers, and faecal sludge management.

Key partners in Malindi

MAWASCO (Malindi Water and Sewerage Company) – the mandated service provider for Malindi, Kilifi North and Magarini Sub-counties

Water Sector Trust Fund – expansion of infrastructure to support provision of pro-poor water and sanitation services

Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project – World Bank initiative to improve living conditions in informal settlements in selected municipalities in Kenya

Water & Sanitation Development Project – World Bank initiative to improve water supply and sanitation services in coastal and north-eastern regions in Kenya

County Government of Kilifi – responsible for providing water and sanitation services.