Key activities in Kisumu

Supporting city utilities

We’re helping KIWASCO strengthen its focus on low-income communities, and building its capacity to serve them better. This involves developing business plans, policies, procedures and standards. We’re also helping raise awareness among low-income community residents of the importance of water, sewerage and on-site sanitation connections. In addition, we’re supporting small, private sector water operators who’ve been contracted by the city utility to improve their service and commercial viability.

Report: July 2018 – Improving the performance of water entrepreneurs in urban Kisumu, Kenya

Improving collection and treatment of faecal waste

We’re working with the public sector and a private sector operator to develop a new legal and hygienic pit-emptying service and have faecal waste safely treated. We identified local solid waste management business Gasia Poa as the operator of this new service, and helped the company to launch the service in early 2017. Our role involved developing a business plan, supporting the implementation of safe working practices including provision of personal protective equipment and vaccinations for operatives, and marketing the service.

Creating an enabling environment for pit-emptying services

Low-income residents are often dependent on illegal pit-emptiers who regularly dump faecal waste nearby. This causes a public health and environmental risk to the communities, and to the pit emptiers themselves who have a reduced life expectancy. So we’re helping the county government develop its sanitation policy, in particular its approach to low-income areas and communities where a lack of sewers means on-site sanitation must be used. We’re also working with the government and private sector stakeholders to develop guidelines and give training on how operators can provide safe services, and how these guidelines can be enforced.

Report: March 2018 – Regulatory reform: raising the standard of pit-emptying services in Kisumu

KIWASCO has partnered with WSUP on a programme that will see significant improvement in access to clean potable water and sanitation in the low-income areas of Kisumu.

Thomas Odongo, Head of CommercialKisumu Water and Sewerage Company

Key partners in Kisumu

County Government of Kisumu, responsible for providing water and sanitation services.
Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company (KIWASCO), mandated by the county to provide water and sanitation services.
Gasia Poa, a private company delivering solid waste and faecal sludge management services.