Being from an older generation, we were not aware of using latrines and instead would defecate in the open. But that thanks to your project’s education, we are now using one…and understand the importance of good hygiene practices - its impact on our health and how it reduces the spread of diseases.

Ahatan Nessa
Ahatan Nessa, Resident

Key activities in Rangpur

Building the capacity of Rangpur City Corporation

We’re providing strategic support to Rangpur City Corporation so it can build its capacity to monitor and enforce regulations. We’ve helped the City Corporation understand the role of the private sector in improving collection and treatment of waste, and are supporting the authority with the delivery of a new waste collection service operated by the private sector.

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Launching a public-private partnership

SWEEP is a public-private partnership that provides a faecal sludge emptying service and tackles the challenges of poor faecal waste collection. We’re working with the Rangpur City Corporation to implement SWEEP, which delivers improved waste collection services across the city, and to establish a simple faecal waste treatment facility with a co-composting output.

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Implementing community projects

We’re implementing a number of community water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in low-income areas in Rangpur. The projects include construction of new water points and sanitation facilities or the refurbishment of existing ones. We’re also working on behaviour change activities to improve hygiene practices, and work with a local NGO to implement these.

I’m delighted to know that WSUP will provide support to improve the water, sanitation and hygiene situation in low-income communities, and we from the City Corporation are ready to extend our support and co-operation to make this programme successful.

Sharfuddin Ahmed Jhantu, MayorRangpur City Corporation

Key partners in Rangpur

Rangpur City Corporation, mandated to provide on-site sanitation services including faecal sludge management.
Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), responsible for providing technical support to the city corporation and municipalities for infrastructural development including sanitation facilities.
Rangpur City Corporation, responsible for water and sanitation services delivery.
Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE), responsible for providing technical support to Rangpur City Corporation for quality service delivery.