Behaviour Change in Dhaka

Working with public-private partnerships to deliver faecal waste services

SWEEP is a public-private partnership that provides a faecal sludge emptying service and tackles the challenges of poor faecal waste collection. The partnership assisted a private sector operator to lease equipment owned by the public sector, lowering barriers to joining the market. We supported the operator in delivering a financially viable service, by introducing a varied pricing structure that maintains profits for the operator while ensuring an affordable service for low-income customers.

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Implementing community projects

We’ve implemented a number of community water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in specific low-income areas in Dhaka. The projects have included building new water points and sanitation facilities or refurbishing existing ones. An important factor in the sustainability of these projects is changing behaviour to improve hygiene practices, so we also run campaigns to promote handwashing and menstrual hygiene management, as well as ensure the upkeep of facilities.

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Strengthening capacity of DWASA

We’ve worked with DWASA to improve water access for low-income customers. We have seconded staff to work in the low-income unit, helping to extend services, improve sustainability, and increase tariff collection. As a result of work carried out between 2013 and 2016, 2,600 communal water connections were installed which benefitted hundreds of thousands of people.

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