I couldn’t receive services from sweepers as there are no nearby drains and they would charge a lot to dump elsewhere. Thanks to SWEEP I can have proper emptying services at affordable prices. I would recommend SWEEP to others in my neighbourhood.

Bilkis, a low-income SWEEP customer in Chattogram

Key activities in Chattagram

Capacity building work with the Chattogram City Corporation

We’re working closely with the Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) to help improve its on-site sanitation services. We’ve helped the City Corporation understand the role of the private sector in improving collection and treatment of waste, and are supporting the authority with the delivery of a new waste collection service operated by the private sector.

Report: Feb 2017 – Learning from innovation in sanitation business models: prefabricated septic tank distribution in Chittagong

Launching a public-private partnership

We’re working with the Chattogram City Corporation to deliver improved faecal waste collection services. In March 2017 we launched SWEEP, a public-private partnership that provides a faecal sludge emptying service and tackles the challenges of poor faecal waste collection. Through land donated by the City Corporation we are also building a simple treatment facility for the waste.

Report: March 2018 – Adapting and replicating a proven partnership model for urban sanitation: SWEEP in Chittagong

Implementing community projects

We have implemented a number of community water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in low-income areas in Chattogram. The projects included construction of new water points and sanitation facilities and the refurbishment of existing ones. We also worked on behaviour change activities to improve hygiene practices, and worked with local NGOs to implement these. Another project involved the delivery of new and improved toilets in Chattogram, which benefited 10,000 low-income people.

It's unbelievable that faecal sludge collection can be a profitable business and is getting such a positive response. Now that WSUP has paved the way, CCC is committed to making more entrepreneurs in this business.

Shafuqul Mannan Siddique, Chief Conservancy OfficerChattogram City Corporation

Key partners in Chattagram

Chattogram City Corporation, mandated to manage on-site sanitation services including faecal sludge management.
Chattogram Water and Sewerage Authority (CWASA), responsible for sewerage and water services.
Chattogram Development Authority (CDA), responsible for city-wide planning and the development of physical infrastructure.