Key activities in Barishal

Building the capacity of Barishal City Corporation

We’re supporting the Barishal City Corporation in implementing safely managed sanitation facilities. This includes developing a public-private partnership called SWEEP which improves the collection and treatment of waste from toilets. We’re also helping to build the city corporation’s capacity to manage the public-private partnership contract, and implement a monitoring process.

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Implementing community projects

We have implemented a number of community water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in low-income areas in Barishal. The projects included construction of new water points and sanitation facilities and refurbishment of existing ones. We also worked on behaviour change activities to improve hygiene practices, and we worked with a local NGO to implement these.

Key partners in Barishal

Barishal City Corporation, mandated to manage on-site sanitation services including faecal sludge management.
Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE), responsible for providing technical support to the city corporation for effective service delivery.
Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), responsible for providing technical support to the city corporation and municipalities for infrastructural development, including sanitation facilities.