About the role

This is a new role, part of WSUP’s long term change programme to build our capacity to meet our ambitious goals from the 2020 – 2025 Business Plan. The Head of ICoN will deliver a business analysis specialism and will play a key role in effective management, leadership and coordination of the ICoN team within WSUP.

You will coordinate the ICoN team’s work with the Global Programmes Team and seek integration with country teams to refine solutions and apply innovative approaches. You will manage the ICoN team’s work with the Evaluation Research and Learning team to reflect, share and learn from projects and areas of work which have generated new findings or unlocked improved WASH service provision. You will assist the Partnerships and Communications team to articulate how ICoN can add value to project proposals and help build partnerships with new types of funders.

The Head of ICoN will support WSUP’s work on enterprise development: supporting the private sector in playing its role in bringing innovation and developing services which are both financially viable and affordable for the poorest residents.

Across all areas of expertise, you will be expected to individually and as a team deliver capacity building and knowledge sharing across the organisation.


About the ICoN Team

The 2020-2025 Business Plan describes WSUP as an unusual and exhilarating institution, never short on ambition or a willingness to try the innovative, alternative or stretching. Whilst every team has a role to play in living up to this reputation, ICoN leads the way. This means questioning the way we seek to solve the world’s WASH problems. ICoN looks for innovative opportunities. This might include exploring a new business model, alternative partnerships, different technology or a refined method for analysis. Innovation might be huge leap, or series of incremental adjustments, but will always be underpinned by customer focus and a growth mindset.

Being part of the ICoN team means providing support as a group of different specialisms, being prepared to embrace problems, maximise impact on existing projects, manage ambiguity, seek out your own initiatives, challenge constructively and stay resilient to the inherent challenges of encouraging change.


Head of ICON Job Description


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