WSUP’s vision of the ingredients necessary for a functional urban WASH sector are defined in our Sector Functionality Framework.

The framework helps WSUP to frame the changes that need to take place in order to create a functioning sector: the end goal for WSUP’s work in the countries where we operate.

We have used the framework to analyse the urban water and sanitation systems in each of our six countries, bringing partners together to create a shared vision for what changes need to occur in coming years.

The framework can be used for planning programmatic activities, as well as influencing the mindset and approach of institutional partners who are tasked with oversight and delivery of services.

Sector Functionality Framework report coverReport: October 2018 – An evaluative framework for urban WASH sector functionality
Read more about the Sector Functionality Framework, and WSUP’s analysis of challenges faced in Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique and Zambia across the water and sanitation sectors.

Poster: October 2018 – Strengthening the enabling environment for citywide inclusive water and sanitation – an evaluative framework

The Urban WASH Sector Functionality Framework for water:

Example of how the framework can be used – baseline sector functionality assessment: Kenya, sanitation