Halcrow Foundation’s vision is a world in which all people have the means by which to enjoy a decent quality of life, free from oppression and poverty – a place where everyone can access safe water, healthcare, education, and opportunities to sustain themselves while living a fulfilling life.

Halcrow Foundation seeks to mobilise people in the engineering and construction communities to bring transformative and sustainable improvement to the lives of people in need, working in partnership with other charitable trusts and organisations.

Halcrow Foundation is currently partnering with WSUP to implement a 4-year project in Madagascar aimed at increasing access to safe water and basic sanitation for people living in low-income areas in Antananarivo, whilst improving hygiene behaviour.  This, in turn, will contribute to improvements in health, well-being, education and livelihoods as well as gender equality and reduced poverty.

Launch of WADA Madagascar

Blog: April 2018 – Improving access to water and sanitation services for 450,000 Malagasy people

The Foundation has noted with interest the pioneering work undertaken in recent years by WSUP to develop and implement innovative and sustainable solutions to address peri-urban WASH. The project proposed by WSUP builds on this experience and offers the prospect of a successful outcome to a large number of people in Antananarivo.

Clare Dorey, Press OfficerHalcrow Foundation