Cartier Philanthropy and WSUP initiated a partnership in early 2017, to support the emergence of a functional WASH sector in Madagascar through improved access to services in Antananarivo and build local knowledge and capacity for delivering sustainable WASH services at a national level.

The aim of the partnership is to provide improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene services to approximately 61,000 people including children, men and women, by December 2019.

In order to achieve sustainability, the partnership also focuses on building the capacity of service providers and empowers local stakeholders and community members, especially women through skills development and training.

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We were looking for a sound partner in WASH after realizing the complexities and too often lack of sustainability of WASH interventions. During a field visit, our Executive Director, Pascale de la Frégonnière, had the opportunity to meet with Sylvie Ramanantsoa, WSUP Country Director in Madagascar, and this was key to understanding the issue in depth and also the relevance and cost-effectiveness of WSUP’s intervention.

We partnered with WSUP due to its capacity to provide decent WASH services to poor urban communities while contributing to building an effective and sustainable local water and sanitation system.

We were impressed by WSUP’s ability to engage all of the relevant stakeholders – poor communities, local and national water authority, the private sector and the municipality – identifying their interests so that everyone becomes part of the effort and owns the process. That should allow for strong local buy-in to ensure long-term impact for the communities

Muriel Guigue , Programme ManagerCartier Philanthropy