Globally, more than 443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related illnesses – of which 40% are transmitted at school.

To improve children’s health and educational prospects, WSUP constructs new facilities and delivers integrated education and outreach campaigns. We have made a lasting improvement on facilities in more than 177 schools but need your help to reach more.

Here are some of the ways your school could support WSUP.

  1. A sponsored ‘water walk’

Children in developing countries often have to carry more than 5 litres of water over many miles. To raise awareness of this issue, set out a route and challenge students to walk it – collecting water half way through and carrying it back. You could use small buckets or bottles for each person, or share one large bucket between the whole class to make it a team effort. A relay race could make this a whole school activity over the course of the day.

  1. Drink water, give water

We’re lucky enough to have squash, tea and fizzy drinks at our fingertips in this country, but for many people living in developing countries, it’s a struggle even to find to safe drinking water. Challenge students and their families to give up all drinks except water for the day – or perhaps even the school week. To raise funds, participants could either donate the money they have saved or ask for sponsorship donations from friends.

  1. Dress in blue

A simple one: hold a non-uniform day and get the school to dress up in blue. Talk about the global WASH challenge in assembly and run related lessons throughout the day.

We recommend tying in activities with Universal Children’s Day on 20th November or World Water Day on 22nd March, but there are lots of other opportunities for campaigns throughout the year.

WSUP would be delighted to provide materials for lesson plans or share case studies from specific schools we work in. Please contact for more information.