If you are from a restaurant interested in supporting WSUP, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Find out what WSUP has achieved to date

In cities across developed countries, we are fortunate enough to have restaurants serving all kinds of delicious food, served with a range of drinks – including clean, safe tap water. This is a luxury that many people in urban environments overseas can only dream of.

To raise awareness of this issue, WSUP is calling on restaurants and cafes to support cities overseas through a range of activities, for example:

  • A set donation to WSUP on a particular dish or drink
  • Asking customers to add £1 donation onto their bill
  • Offering a voucher for a free drink or dessert when customers donate to WSUP after their meal

These small acts represent a simple, effective message that conveys the value of water to customers, as well as the restaurant’s commitment to sustainable development.

If your restaurant is interested in partnering with WSUP on a campaign to bring clean, safe water to urban communities, please get in touch on partnerships@wsup.com.