Wasser für Wasser and WSUP have been partners since 2014, supporting projects focussed on improving water supply in low-income areas across Lusaka.

Wasser für Wasser (Water for Water) partners with restaurants and hotels in Switzerland who serve tap water to customers in lieu of a donation to water and educational projects in Zambia.

The scale of the projects with WSUP has grown significantly from funding five water kiosks, network extensions and the drilling of a borehole in the low-income community of Linda to improve the health and livelihoods of 17,000 customers to providing access to clean and safe drinking water to 65,000 residents in the John Laing area through 10 water kiosks, network extensions and individual connections.

The projects Wasser für Wasser supports combine infrastructure projects, with educational programmes and vocational training combined with an entrepreneurial aspect.

Partner testimony

“In 2014 we were looking for an organisation exactly like WSUP, an organisation who had local staff with good and specialised knowledge, is a connector to local water providers and with a specialisation and focus on peri-urban areas.

Water as well as health is one of the biggest challenges for the next generation and that’s why it’s so important to know about it, talk about it and change behaviours and systems around WASH.

WSUP’s approach of developing the independence of local structures, and ensuring financial sustainability is much longer lasting than if water supply was just given away for free.

We like that WSUP is working in this context, because it’s not about showing the communities that we are the big funders, but it’s just that we are the enablers, and that’s how I also see WSUP in this context, as an enabler for a self-sustaining water supply system.

We are excited to see that, even as a small organisation we can have a big impact in the peri-urban areas because they are limited in a geographical sense that’s why we still feel very fresh and very motivated to develop and progress with WSUP as partners.”

Morris Etter, Founder of Wasser für Wasser

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