Queen Mwape has been a water kiosk operator in John Laing, Zambia for about 8 months and is excited about the new services in the community.

Before becoming a kiosk operator, she used to sell second hand clothes which meant that she would spend days away from the family. Now, she doesn’t have to worry about being away from her family as the kiosk is right next to her home.

Like many others in the community, she revels in the joy of no longer having to walk long distances to fetch water. There is also plenty of water available for drinking and cooking as well as for bathing, cleaning, washing and other necessities.

She is particularly happy because the other women in the community say that now that with a kiosk close by, they can fetch water from as early as 5am. They do not have to queue for long hours, and now have the time to do other chores around the house.

“We are grateful for the kiosks.”

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