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Here are some of the ways that you can get involved with our work and start supporting WSUP today.

  1. Give up all drinks except water for a whole week

In many countries, we are lucky enough to have fruit juice, fizzy drinks and cups of tea at our fingertips – but for many people, it’s a struggle even to find to safe drinking water.

To raise awareness of this issue, pledge to drink only water for a week. You could either donate the money you save or ask friends for sponsorship.

  1. Take the 20-litre challenge

The average person in a developed country uses about 150 litres of water every day for cooking, cleaning, washing, drinking and flushing the toilet. But in developing countries, many people must get by on less than 20 litres of water.

Challenge yourself to use less than 20 litres of (cold!) water a day for all your needs and see how you fare.

  1. Hold a WASH-themed fundraiser

Events are a great ways to bring people together and raise vital awareness of and funds for WSUP’s work.

You could host a pub quiz with a round dedicated to water and sanitation, a drinks reception or cocktail party, or a film night with a water-themed film. Ask to hold your event in a local restaurant or café and ask the owners to donate a percentage of their proceeds to WSUP.

  1. Take action

Challenge yourself to walk, swim, run or cycle for WSUP and gain sponsorship for your efforts. The Great Run series has a range of sporting events across the UK to get started. For other fundraising events, from parachute-jumps to Saharan treks, visit the Action Challenge or DoItForCharity websites, or get in touch with our partnerships and development team for more advice.

If you’ve already got a race place, you could ask sponsors to match the cost for WSUP.

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