Clean water, safe sanitation and good hygiene saves lives.

Water, sanitation and hygiene is crucial in the fight against disease. It is also critical to other areas of development including improving school attendance, reducing inequality, and building resilience to climate change.

With your help, we can ensure everyone in a city, including the poorest, has access to these basic services.

Bringing funders together to achieve impact

Handwashing in 2020

WSUP, FCDO and Unilever have been working to reach those urban communities most at risk from Covid-19, where a lack of handwashing facilities mean the virus has the potential to spread quickly.

Blog: October 2020 – Handwashing in 2020: working with utilities to protect the most vulnerable

Mombasa Water receive donation of handsanitiser

Climate recovery in Beira

With the support of Borealis and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, WSUP has been improving water and sanitation services for low-income residents in Beira.

Blog: September 2020 – Climate recovery in Beira: sustainable water and sanitation access for a more resilient city

The stepping stones for sustainable water

Through the Water & Development Alliance (WADA), USAID, The Coca-Cola Foundation and WSUP are focusing on creating sustainable water facilities in Madagascar.

Blog: January 2021 – The stepping stones for sustainable water

How water and sanitation drives development

WSUP is focused on meeting Sustainable Development Goal 6, ensuring that by 2030, everyone will have access to clean water and adequate sanitation.

But improved water and sanitation services underpin almost every other developmental goal: from creating climate change resilience thanks to improved water management, to raising school attendance for teenage girls as a result of better sanitation in schools.

Our work contributes to the following sustainable development goals: