Delegated management of water and sanitation services in urban areas: experiences from Kumasi, Ghana

This Topic Brief focuses on a delegated management model developed in Kumasi (Ghana), where a WSUP-facilitated partnership between the water utility, the Metropolitan Assembly and a community management committee is starting to play a key role in expanding the provision of clean, affordable water and improved public toilet facilities in the low-income district of Kotei. […]

Climate proofing urban WASH: a rapid assessment method

Climate change is happening, and the urban poor are extremely vulnerable to its impacts. Demand for water and sanitation services in low-income urban areas is likely to increase, while flooding and water shortages may become more frequent. This Practice Note outlines a rapid assessment method for planning the climate-proofing of a city’s water and sanitation […]

How to climate proof water and sanitation services in the peri-urban areas of Naivasha

This report evaluates the impacts of climate change on water and sanitation technologies in the peri-urban areas around Lake Naivasha, reviews the water resources in Lake Naivasha and considers the potential adaptations required to mitigate the impacts. Under current forecasts of climate change, the mean temperature in Kenya is predicted to increase while precipitation is […]