Urban WASH module

Urban WASH module: overview This document provides an overview of the masters-level professional training resource developed by WSUP and WEDC (the Water, Engineering and Development Centre of Loughborough University). The module aims to give engineers and other professionals an understanding of how to provide water and sanitation services in urban low-income communities. WSUP-WEDC-UrbanWASHmodule-Overview Urban WASH […]

The Urban Water Supply Guide: service delivery options for low-income communities

Providing improved water supply to low-income urban communities is a difficult challenge faced by water utilities throughout Africa and Asia. This guide provides an introduction to available options for serving these communities. The guide draws on sector experience in general, and more particularly on WSUP’s extensive experience of implementing urban WASH programmes in sub-Saharan Africa […]

The Urban Programming Guide: How to design and implement an effective urban WASH programme

What is this guide? The guide provides an introduction to urban WASH programming: how to design and implement a pro-poor urban water, sanitation and hygiene programme. The recommendations are drawn primarily from WSUP’s extensive experience in sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere. Who is this guide for? This guide is primarily designed for WASH professionals working in […]

Guide sur l’elaboration de programmes en milieu urbain: comment concevoir et mettre en oeuvre un programme EHA efficace en milieu urbain

QUE CONTIENT CE GUIDE ? Ce guide se veut une introduction à l’élaboration de programmes EHA en milieu urbain : il porte sur l’élaboration et la mise en oeuvre des programmes EHA en faveur des plus démunis. À QUI CE GUIDE S’ADRESSE-T-IL ? Ce guide s’adresse avant tout aux professionnels EHA qui travaillent au sein […]

Achieving sustainability: encouraging local government investment

Substantial local government investment is essential for sustainable services, but difficult to achieve. Barriers include institutional lack of clarity over responsibilities (particularly in sanitation provision), weak capacity to collect and manage revenues, unpredictable transfers from national to local government, and a lack of data on past spending and its effectiveness. This paper looks at some […]

Taux d’accès de 100% par la conception: un outil d’analyse financière pour l’assainissement urbain

Evaluer de façon fiable le coût des différentes options d’assainissement est un défi essentiel pour la planification urbaine. Cette Note Pratique décrit un outil d’analyse financière fiable sous Excel qui calcule les coûts de différentes options pour atteindre un taux d’accès de 100% pour l’assainissement dans les zones à faible revenu ou non les zones […]