Uma abordagem inclusiva de género: saneamento comunitário

As mulheres e as raparigas sofrem os efeitos do mau saneamento e baixo acesso a água potável. Através do exemplo do estabelecimento de instalações de saneamento comunitário em Maputo (Moçambique) e em Naivasha (Quénia), esta Nota Prática ilustra uma abordagem à provisão de serviços WASH que promove a inclusão, igualdade e que põe as preocupações […]

A gender-inclusive approach in practice: communal sanitation

Women and girls suffer disproportionately from the effects of poor sanitation and lack of access to clean water. Through the example of establishing communal sanitation facilities in Maputo (Mozambique) and Naivasha (Kenya), this Practice Note illustrates how WASH service provision can be approached in a way that fosters inclusion, promotes equality, and places the concerns […]

Delegated management of water and sanitation services in urban areas: experiences from Kumasi, Ghana

This Topic Brief focuses on a delegated management model developed in Kumasi (Ghana), where a WSUP-facilitated partnership between the water utility, the Metropolitan Assembly and a community management committee is starting to play a key role in expanding the provision of clean, affordable water and improved public toilet facilities in the low-income district of Kotei. […]

Financing communal toilets: the Tchemulane project in Maputo

This Practice Note examines the financing of communal toilets in Maputo, Mozambique, carried out in conjunction with municipal level capacity building and citywide sanitation planning. It argues that in high density, low income communities, communal toilets serving small groups of families can be an effective sanitation solution.

When are communal or public toilets an appropriate option?

This Topic Brief explores the viability of communal or public toilets as an alternative to individual household toilets, noting the challenges of financing and sustainable management arrangements. It argues that communal or public toilets may be the most appropriate medium-term solution in some specific situations: notably in high-density slums with a high proportion of tenants […]