Assessment of residency and poverty status for beneficiaries of a faecal waste collection service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Max. budget under this Call: GBP 25,000 inclusive of VAT

Bids due: Before 1700 hours on 23rd September 2019

This project will deliver an assessment of the residency and poverty status of beneficiaries of the WSUP-supported SWEEP service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. SWEEP is a public-private partnership for faecal waste collection services, currently active in three Bangladeshi cities. In Dhaka, SWEEP is a partnership between Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) and a local SME, Gulshan Clean & Care (GCC). Through the partnership, GCC provide faecal waste collection services to low-income, higher-income and institutional customers (for example, garment factories and hotels). As part of the lease-based agreement, GCC is required to maintain 30% of primary customers as low-income, defined as residing in a low-income community (LIC).

This research will aim to generate evidence that is of specific value to WSUP and the SWEEP partnership in developing a nuanced understanding of the residency and poverty status of individual SWEEP beneficiaries. This will be achieved through an assessment over a defined 5-month period, resulting in a robust estimate for i) the overall proportion of individual SWEEP beneficiaries who reside in LICs; and ii) the poverty status of SWEEP LIC beneficiaries.

For more information on the project and how to bid, please see the full Terms of Reference.