The Urban Sanitation Research Initiative Kenya is designed to feed into the national evidence base around pro-poor urban sanitation in Kenya, driving policy change.

WSUP’s research partners in Kenya are the Ministry of Health, Division of Environmental Health (MOH-DEH) and the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB).



Kenya has undergone major constitutional changes over the last ten years, which have significant impacts for WASH service provision in each of the country’s 47 counties. From funding major infrastructure to strategically planning for an increasingly urban future, Kenya’s county governments are taking a major role in the WASH sector. What kind of support do they need from the national government to serve their constituents? What opportunities does Kenya’s radical decentralisation process provide for improving urban sanitation?

This report gives an overview of the current urban sanitation situation in Kenya, and the main barriers to sector change. For information on how the Urban Sanitation Research Initiative Kenya aims to develop research that can help overcome these barriers, see the Initiative’s overview document.

Our partners in Kenya