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Assessment of organisational capacity for sanitation planning, investment and management in three Bangladeshi cities

Aim: To carry out a detailed assessment of the capacity of three Bangladeshi city corporations (Dhaka North, Chittagong and Rangpur) to plan, deliver and manage pro-poor urban sanitation, with additional consideration of relevant technical support units in national government.

For some background information on this project, see the original Research Call.

Update: A workshop to discuss emerging findings from this report was held recently: read our blog or see the researchers’ presentation for more information.

Lead research institution: ITN-BUET

Start date: July 2017

Date of completion: January 2018


Analysis of citizen and decision-maker attitudes to freshwater pollution in Bangladesh cities as a basis for more effective regulation

Aim: To understand the attitudes of Bangladeshi decision-makers on urban freshwater pollution and contribute to the development of an effective and politically viable regulatory model for discharge of faecal sludge and industrial pollutants. This research project is jointly commissioned by the REACH global research programme (led by Oxford University) and the Urban Sanitation Research Initiative.

Lead research institution: Water Institute, University of Waterloo

Start date: May 2018

Latest resources

Situation analysis of the urban sanitation sector in BangladeshSituation analysis of the urban sanitation sector in Bangladesh

This report explores the background to the urban sanitation sector in Bangladesh. Published July 2017.

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