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Keep checking this page for updates, including upcoming projects on incentivising the private sector in Kenya to target low-income urban customers, and how the gender of decision-makers could impact urban sanitation focuses and spending.

Ongoing and completed research projects

Urban Sanitation Research Initiative: open access journal articles

  • Daudey L (October 2017) ‘The cost of urban sanitation solutions: a literature review’, Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development,
  • Mills F, Willetts J, Petterson S, Mitchell C, Norman G (2018) ‘Faecal Pathogen Flows and Their Public Health Risks in Urban Environments: A Proposed Approach to Inform Sanitation Planning’, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 15(2):181, DOI:10.3390/ijerph15020181
  • Hutchings PJohns MJornet DScott CVan den Bossche Z (2018) ‘A systematic assessment of the pro-poor reach of development bank investments in urban sanitation’, Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for DevelopmentDOI: 10.2166/washdev.2018.147

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