Sylvia has over six years experience in project management and marketing in the non-governmental, banking and hospitality industries.

She has a degree in Commerce and is certified in Monitoring and Evaluation.

Sylvia is passionate in driving innovations that improve access to improved sanitation and service delivery for the urban poor through developing inclusive business models, that ensure appropriate product development, enterprise development, work force development, market access, and inclusive financing for both entrepreneurs and consumers

In her roles, Sylvia fosters an environment of team work and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance and supporting utilities and mandated institutions in the WASH sector.

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Mugo is an experienced WASH professional specialized in pro-poor rural and urban development programmes in both not-for-profit and private sectors. He has demonstrable track record in development and management of socio-technical programmes and projects in water supply, environmental sanitation, and hygiene promotion mainly targeting low-income urban and rural societies.

He has competent knowledge in technology, business modelling, institutional and organizational development, SME capacity development, mobilizing development finance and multi-sector partnership management.

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Emanuel leads WSUP’s research and policy programme which aims to build evidence that can be used to influence policy on urban sanitation in Kenya.

With a background in population and development studies Emanuel has previously managed multi-sectoral programmes that deliver services to the most vulnerable. He has also coordinated consortium programmes focusing on capacity building of urban authorities and government ministries to provide quality and timely services. Emanuel has extensive experience in project design, management and evaluation.

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Emily has been in the humanitarian sector for the past seven years and her experience covers the food security and WASH sectors.

Emily’s background in sociology and psychology has instilled excellent interpersonal skills and tact. Having worked in different capacities and environments, she is passionate about sustainable development and believes in ‘being faithful in small things, because it’s in them that our strength lies’.

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Eden is a civil engineer and programme management professional. She has developed and managed socio-technical WASH development programmes targeting marginalised and low-income communities in Kenya.

Her experience covers institutional and strategy support to water utilities, national institutions and the private sector. She is also experienced in managing multi-stakeholder partnerships, donor-funded WASH projects, infrastructure projects, public policy, governance, innovation and technology. Eden has previously worked at Water Services Trust Fund, HP Gauff and GIZ.

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Philip has been leading WSUP’s interventions in Mombasa and Malindi since 2013. He has extensive experience in institutional pro-poor capacity set-up and support, brokering complex neighbourhood and city-wide agreements intended to improve access to water and sanitation for the base of pyramid consumers.

He previously worked at a number of non-profit organisations where he led teams in developing and managing WASH projects in relief and emergency response contexts.

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