Annual Report 2021-2022

Published: Country: Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Uganda, ZambiaLanguage: English

From climate adaptation efforts to a stronger push for better living conditions for women and girls, in 2021-2022 WSUP advanced further in its work providing clean water and decent sanitation and promoting appropriate hygiene in low-income urban communities. Our 2021-2022 Annual Report shows the result of WSUP’s activities, benefitting more than 1 million people in […]

Theme: Business Plan, Climate change, Community management, Health impact, Hygiene, Public finance, Public/shared toilets, Regulation, Sanitation, Sewerage, Utilities, WASH, Water

Citywide Inclusive Sanitation in Practice: Experience from Malindi, Kenya

Published: Country: KenyaLanguage: English

For many African cities, offering a decent toilet to all urban residents and ensuring that all faecal waste is safely managed is an ambitious vision that will take years to achieve, unless there is a fundamental shift in the delivery of sanitation services. This shift is already happening in Kenya, where more than two thirds […]

Theme: Faecal sludge management, Health impact, Regulation, Sanitation, Sewerage, Urban Sanitation Research Initiative, Utilities, WASH

A Guide to Simplified Sewer Systems in Kenya

Published: Country: KenyaLanguage: English

The WSUP report A Guide to Simplified Sewer Systems in Kenya describes how a pilot project in the informal settlement of Mukuru has demonstrated a cost-effective way to bring decent sanitation to some communities in Kenya: simplified sewers. New evidence shows that simplified sewer networks, which are much shallower and more flexible than traditional sewer […]

Theme: Innovation, Research, Sanitation, Sewerage, Urban Sanitation Research Initiative

The challenge of small towns: Professionalising piped water services in Western Uganda

Published: Country: UgandaLanguage: English

The WSUP Advisory report The challenge of small towns: Professionalising piped water services in Western Uganda tells the story of the recent progress made by the Mid Western Umbrella (MWU), one of the recently established Uganda’s structures of water utilities management. The improvements made in water provision in the country come as a much needed response […]

Theme: Business Plan, Customer experience, Finance, Non-revenue water, Planning, Regulation, Utilities, Water
It can be done report cover

It can be done: Achieving universal coverage through African Sanitation Policy Guidelines

Published: Country: Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, ZambiaLanguage: English

A joint publication by AMCOW, Speak Up Media, UNICEF and WSUP On the 10th of June, 2021, the African Council of Ministers on Water (AMCOW) launched the African Sanitation Policy Guidelines (ASPG), a new initiative to help improve national and subnational sanitation and hygiene policy across the continent. The policy guidelines aim to ease the […]

Theme: Hygiene, Public finance, Regulation, Sanitation

Mind the Gap: How can we address the shortfall in urban sanitation finance?

Published: Country: Bangladesh, Ghana, KenyaLanguage: English

Sanitation for all is a challenge particularly acute for low and middle-income countries. In the face of funding constraints, and a lack of political influence among those living in poorer areas, governments have tended to under-prioritise sanitation as a public investment area. Yet, countries have committed to the Sustainable Development Goal for sanitation. In doing […]

Theme: Container-based sanitation, Customer experience, Faecal sludge management, Finance, Market development, Public finance, Sanitation, Sewerage, Urban Sanitation Research Initiative, Utilities, WASH

Annual Report 2020-2021

Published: Country: Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Uganda, ZambiaLanguage: English

During 2020-2021, WSUP’s work became more vital than ever before, with the Covid-19 pandemic driving increased need for general good hygiene practices. Our Annual Report shows where, how, and how much WSUP’s work has benefited the communities it serves across Africa and south Asia. In the year to March 2021, despite global challenging circumstances, WSUP […]

Theme: Hygiene, Sanitation, Water

Improving the hygiene practices of future generations by strengthening the WASH Friendly Schools Programme

Published: Country: MadagascarLanguage: English

The social and economic development of any country requires strong basic conditions, such as the health and well-being of its population. Hygiene practices are proven to be crucial for health, so any initiative aimed at ensuring those practices are incorporated by communities is incredibly important. In Madagascar, this has been done successfully over recent years, […]

Theme: Behaviour change, Evaluation, Hygiene, Sanitation, WASH, Water

“No Smell!” – The social benefits and cost savings of container-based sanitation systems in Ghana

Published: Country: GhanaLanguage: English

Container-based sanitation (CBS) systems are acknowledged by the JMP as providing improved sanitation services. By contrast with onsite-infiltration systems, such as latrines and septic tanks, container-based systems ensure full containment of faecal waste. This Research Brief presents the results of an evaluation of user experience of CBS. The study found that CBS provides social benefits […]

Theme: Container-based sanitation, Sanitation, Urban Sanitation Research Initiative
ESAWAS report Citywide Inclusive Sanitation resources

Citywide Inclusive Sanitation: How can resourcing be managed effectively?

Published: Language: English

Effective resource planning and management are required to ensure that mandated entities are sufficiently resourced to be able to fulfil their mandate. This publication forms part of a series looking at Citywide Inclusive Sanitation in terms of three closely related requirements for achieving safe, inclusive and sustainable urban sanitation: clear responsibility, strong accountability, and fit-for-purpose resource […]

Theme: Research