Henriqueta and her children access water

From the front line of climate change: residents tell their stories

What does climate change mean for the most vulnerable people living in urban areas? Ahead of this year’s World Water Day, WSUP has been finding out how climate change affects the water and sanitation needs of city residents. The following stories give a snapshot of the challenges faced around the world, from rising temperatures in […]

Game changers in water and sanitation: WSUP’s vision for change

Highlights from a panel discussion on the challenges and solutions to the water crisis. On 25th February, WSUP was joined by a panel of experts to discuss the challenges of improving water and sanitation in the backdrop of increasing urbanisation and climate change. Andy Roby, Senior Water Security Adviser at DFID, Liz Lowe, Head of […]

Faustina Boachie, Ghana Water Company

Faustina Boachie: Interview with a leader in water and sanitation in Ghana

According to Faustina Boachie, head of Ghana Water Company’s Low-Income Customer Support Unit, there is a strong link between poor water and sanitation access and the socio-economic development and the political position of women. “As a young girl, my sisters and I used to walk over two miles in search of water growing up in […]

Zaituni Kanenje, NAWASSCO

Zaituni Kanenje: Interview with a leader in water and sanitation in Kenya

Zaituni Kanenje is a woman making a difference in the growing lakeside town of Nakuru, Kenya. As Manager for the Low-Income Customer Services department of NAWASSCO, the utility for the town, Zaituni focuses on extending WASH services into the poorer communities. And with this goal, reaching women is particularly important. “Without water, without proper hygiene, […]

Yvonne Siyeni, Lusaka Water & Sewerage Company

Yvonne Siyeni: Interview with a leader in water and sanitation in Zambia

“Working in a utility dominated by men has been challenging but exciting,” says Yvonne Siyeni, Manager for the Peri-urban department at Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC). Yvonne, a leader in the utility which supplies the city of Lusaka with water and sanitation services, encourages more women to work with utilities. “In as much as […]